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Unity Among workers

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* Sangacchandwam samvadadwam samvo manaamsi jaanathaam:
Let us progress together, let us discuss together, let us keep the same mental attitude

* Devaa bhaagam yathaa poorve sanjaanaano upaasathey:
It is known for ever that the gods accept the offerings if we give together with unity.

* Samaano mantra samaano samithi samaanaa mana saha chittha mesham
Let our mantra be the same , let our gathering have same purpose, let our mind also remain same, let all our thoughts may become one and the same.

* Samaanam mantramabhi mantraeva smaanenana vo havishaa juhomi
Let me offer this havis to the agni, with all our mantra becoming unanimously the same and the goals and pathways become the same.

* Smaaneeva akoothi samaana hrudayaani va:
Let all our mission and also our hearts become one with each other

* Samaanamasthu vo mano yathaa va: susahaasati:
Let us pray for our mind becoming united and let us all live happily together enjoying the life.

Source :Rigveda – Author – Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan – www.iishglobal.org

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