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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Vedic Ganita Kranti – VMTTC – Batch 2

Welcome to final List of Certified Students – VMTTC – Oct to Dec 2011 Batch

It gives e-gurukul.net immense pleasure to announce final list of certified trainers and this was based on final tough Assessment process to the required standards.We would like to congratulate all our trainers on the successful completion of the 11 weeks online Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme.

Please accept our heartiest congratulations. All students have worked really hard towards achieving this ¬†certification and we deeply appreciate everyone’s perseverance and hard work. We believe you deserve to be among the best with the skills and knowledge you have and the doors of opportunity open to welcome you as the Knowledge Lamp spreading the light of Vedic Maths not only as a tool for calculations but also as a powerful Neurobics (Mental Excercise) which boosts mental fitness, develops memory and over all efficiency of an individual.

We owe a lot to Countless number of Ancient Teachers & Scientists for their great contribution in all fields of Sciences, one simple way to show our gratitude in action is to do our bit by spreading this amazing science across the globe.

We do hope that you will join hands in our global endeavor of spreading the knowledge of Vedic Maths to the best of your ability. We hope you have achieved the purpose for which you took up this professional online training and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Please find below Comparative Study Results of VMTTC Vs other programmes.

Please find below List of Certified Trainers from VMTTC – Batch 2 – Oct to Dec -2011

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