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VMTTC Batch 2 Results

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Vedic Ganita Kranti Project – World Wide Campaign of Vedic Maths, an initiative of e-gurukul.net.

Vedic Ganita Kranti is just an humble mission to create more awareness on power of Vedic Maths, one of the mission of this project is to create trainers across the globe utilizing state of art internet technology; interested learners can enrol from any part of globe, first group of trainers graduated in March 2011. We are pleased to report that 11 weeks Online Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme Batch 2  with Ken Williams from UK as Trainer had successfully come to an end on Dec 18 -2011.

Our aim is to create quality,top notch, skilled and Committed trainers skilled trainers worldwide who will be able to teach generations of students the science of Vedic Math.Our final assessment was based on completion of self paced 36 Video Lessons, Online Tests, performance in 2 project work Submissions, Online Forum Discussion Participation, Timely Communication and other parameters with min overall pass score as 70%. Lot of students from various countries were enrolled into online  11 weeks Certification programme however 30 Students had met our strict criteria to the required highest standards for final certification.

It gives e-gurukul.net immense pleasure to announce final list of certified trainers who had successfully met our criteria to the required standards.

We are extremely delighted to share that

  • 30 Students from 27 cities spread across 11 countries over 4 continents had successfully completed the certification to the required standards.
  • Students age range from 26 to 66.
  • Occupations – Phd’s, Math Teachers, Management Professionals, IT professionals, Environmental Engineeers,  Postgrads in Chemistry- Electronics ,  Medical Professionals, Teachers, Home makers, Volunteers and many more.

We would like to congratulate all our trainers on the successful completion of the 11 weeks online Vedic Maths Teachers Training Programme.

This certification is just a beginning to explore ocean of VM and as the saying goes Teaching means learning twice, one important quality of a trainer is to remain as student for life.

Learning is a lifelong process.

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others – — Chinese Proverb

E-Certificates will be issued to all certified trainers in upcoming Live Audio Visual Grad Event –

Date – Feb 19 – Sunday – 11 pm IST – Stay tuned for final confirmation of Date, schedule of Live event and Event Link.

Click below image to View Comparative Study on VM trainings and Final list of Certified Trainers and Please scroll down to leave your comments.

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44 Responses to “VMTTC Batch 2 Results”
  1. admin says:

    We would appreciate if you can add your location (country) along with your name in comment section.

    Note : All comments will be moderated as per our guidelines and only those comments that meet our criteria will be approved.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Ken Williams says:

    I am delighted to have been able to give this course, and to have got to know so many sincere and outstanding people who share my belief in the potential of Vedic Mathematics. The course exceeded my expectations by far and I feel it is a turning point in the dissemination of this beautiful system of mathematics. My best wishes to all.

    • Rajni Obhrai says:

      I love Vedic Maths and being a Maths teacher I am already teaching it extensively whenever I get the opportunity in my A-Level college at Southall in London.The students love it and always ask “Why was this not taught to us before?” All the credit for this goes to Kenneth Williams and E-Gurukul, to whom I shall always remain grateful.

    • vera stevens - Australia says:

      thank you to all involved , Ken , Rick ,all the classmates and e-gurrukul . It has been a wonderful journey so far. And still so far to go.

  3. Sasikala Palani says:

    Congratulations to all 30 participants, I am sooooooooo happy to see the results
    Thanks to the E-gurukul team.

  4. Michael Jones says:

    Thanks once again for the great opportunity to learn this faboulous skill

    Mike Jones
    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

  5. Michael Jones says:

    Will we be able to find out our final score also please?
    Mike Jones
    Maidenhead, United Kingdom

  6. Rita Chan (Hong Kong) says:

    It is very first time ever to learn at a virtual campus and this experience really opens very eyes and horizon. Thanks to William and E-Gurukul for the immense effort in bringing this course happen. My gratitude also goes to Rick and other “class-mates”. With their support and sharing, the 3-month study becomes more fun and easy. I have already started to spread the knowledge of VM to friends, parents, students and also line up with other organizations to see if they can organize VM classes for the kids, so far, the response is better than I expected. There is still a long way to go in order to have VM becomes popular in Hong Kong as Abacus Math & Olympic Math dominate the Math teaching market here but I am sure, with the continuous support of Ken, Rick and our VM group, more and more people will find the power of VM.

  7. Lalit Shah (USA) says:

    I have been spreading the knowledge on every opportunity that is presented. I start teaching a formal class mid February and am looking forward to it.
    But the greatest and heartfelt achievement I have experiences so far is with my 8 year old daughter. She has transformed from “Math is boring” to “I love it” and pushes me almost every evening to teach her more. She just cannot get enough. Just the confidence that she can stand up to her older brother and his taunts has changed her life.

  8. Rajeshri Palkar ,Pune ,India. says:

    I am tooooooooooooooo much Happy. I can’t write in words but my eyes are flooding with happy tears. I shall all the time grateful to My Guru Mr. Kenneth Williams and E-Gurukul team. We all thankful to Sri Bharati Krisna Tirthaji who has given this beautiful TREASURE to the world and equally to Mr. Ken Williams because without his research we would not have get part of this treasure.
    I have started experiment on my 6yr old son and greatest ,happiest thing is now his favourite subject is math and never run away from math. I am going to start classes in March for 6 to 8 yr kids.

  9. Kavitha Ramaiah, San Jose, USA says:

    I was very happy to see my result. Thanks to e-gurukul for providing me this wonderful opportunity and many thanks to Ken and Rick as well.

  10. Rick Blum - USA says:

    Dear Graduates,

    I wanted to congratulate all of the students who have completed and passed the first Vedic Math Teachers Training Course.This is just the beginning of your study of VM as this course has just touched the surface of what there is still to be learnt.Again, I wish all of you my thanks for taking this course and becoming Vedic Math teachers. This is a great accomplishment.

    Best Regards,


  11. Venkat Dokiparthi says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates. Many thanks to Mr. Ken Williams and e-gurukul team for providing this great opportunity to learn VM and to pass on the treasure to others. Looking forward to formal training sessions to teach and learn more.

  12. Venkat K - New Zealand says:

    Thank you very much.Heartiest congratulations to all 30 students who had graduated from this training.My heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation to Ken Williams for creating knowledge filled 36 Video lessons and taking us into amazing VM journey and also 24/7 Forum discussion support.I cant thank you enough Ken for your time and efforts.

    Thanks to Ric for extra help and contribution in the training, last but not the least Thanks to all students for sharing valuable insights in forum.

  13. Muthu - Qatar says:

    Thank you to E-Gurukul without which we could not have got such an opportunity of virtual learning course. My hearfelt gratitude, million thanks to master Ken Williams who made us to feel elevated in our life with this wonderful knowledge and speical thanks to Rick who helped the entire team. We started teaching this knowledge and we will certainly do justice to the entire team by sharing this knowledge to others here.
    Congratulation to every graduates of this family.Thank you so much for the time and efforts of every one.

  14. sarika kakkar says:

    Congratulations to all I am sooooooooo happy to see the results
    Thanks to the E-gurukul team and I also want to tell that I have already started giving classes on Vedic Maths

    Thankyou once again Gurukul


  15. Ramanathan - UAE (Middle East) says:

    I’m delighted to see the result and I thank e- gurukul team and trainer Ken Williams to have helped with this wonderful knowledge and seek their wishes and blessings to enable me disseminate the knowledge I’ve got.
    I thank all the co students who have made this course very lively and interactive.


  16. Ramakrishna Vengalasetti says:

    Thank you E-Gurukul and Ken for bringing this wonderful program to all of us. I sincerely appreciate your tireless efforts. It was a short course but I learned a lot. The commitment shown by Ken and team is really wonderful. It was a very enjoyable experience. The strict curriculum has helped us successfully completing the program. Please bless us to follow your path to help many more seekers.
    Ramakrishna V

  17. Damen Pitiroi says:

    Many thanks to all those involved in giving us this great experience and for getting us started on our VM journey. May the fun times continue.

    Damen Pitiroi

    New Zealand

  18. Kia Powell-Threets - USA says:

    Congratulations to all!!!

    I am so excited after sitting on pins and needles over the past few weeks. Such great work will come out of this dedicated group.

    I say thanks again to Ken and Rick.It takes a very special person to do what you have done.I appreciate you both.Thanks to E-Gurukul.
    Kia Powell-Threets

  19. Mia Liley says:

    Congratulations to all my fellow classmates on a job well done! Rick, all I can say is thank you for letting me pick your brain and bug you time and time again! Ken, thank you for http://www.vedicmaths.org. Thank you for responding to all of my emails and the subscriptions to the newsletter! Had it not been for you and your website, I would not have found Rick! What a true blessing! I am so excited to take the next leap! Wish me well because my big day starts next Monday!

    This is just the beginning…..

    Mia Liley
    Fort Washington, MD USA

  20. Kavita Venugopal says:

    It was really a great experience to be under the guidance of such renowned teachers . I enjoyed all the sessions. I also feel I am highly benefited from the techniques I learned from them. I have started educating young kids in my family with the techniques and I am so happy to see a smile on their face soon after learning the techniques. They feel it is a Magic.

    Special Thanks to the E-GURUKUL team for organizing such event. my wishes to the entire team , together we shall increase the awareness of Vedic Maths and spread it across the world.

    Kavita Venugopal
    Chennai( work place ) / Mumbai ( permanent residence )

  21. Michael Pollard - USA says:

    I am soooooo estatic that I have successfully completed this course of Vedic Maths. I want to extend my sincerest and enthusiastic salutations to to Kenneth Williams, Rick Blum, my class mates and the entire E-Gurukul staff.

    Together we will extend Vedic Maths to all parts of the world. I am excited about sharing this wonderful experience with others. I hope they can find awe, humor, peace and satisfaction as I have.

  22. J.C.Kaimal says:

    Dear All,

    It gives me great pleasure that I am also listed among the successful candidates.

    I was in Dubai when I registered for the course. Due to some problems I had to be returning back to my native place. Now I am in India ( Kerala. )

    I am looking for an employment now and will update you the status.

    By any chance if I can take up this as a full time engagement kindly let me know that too.

    I do believe that it was due to the grace of all participants and entire egurukul team I could be successful. I salute at the dedication of entire team.

    I have no words to thank our dear trainer respected Kenneth Williams

    for holding the team together and leading to success.

    Sincerely yours,


  23. Sunitha Ramaiah says:

    I believe VM may slowly, but surely will get its deserved place in the Mathematics world. I am happy that now we are officially certified to teach and spread the knowledge. We have a long way to go. Ken, Rick and E-Gurukul team made sure that we got our first step right and have showed us the right path. I feel highly indebted.

  24. Durgesh says:

    Really feeling honoured and humbled to see my name in the list here, both at the same time. Honoured since I had great teachers like Ken & Rick, platform like e-gurukul & its praiseworthy dedicated volunteers and last but not the least the wonderful course mates who come from all across the globe with so varied background. Humbled since I could get this opportunity to be with you all and complete this course successfully along with you all. Wishing everyone best in life.

    Thank you,
    Chennai, India

  25. Shubhada says:

    its great to be part of certified teachers now..
    Very thanx to E -gurukul team, Ken & Rick…
    Ofcrs very much thanx to all the students… for forum disscissions & active support & help for course…

    with this certificate, I am looking for next level course..also..

    Pune, Maharashtra,India.

  26. Sasikala Palani says:

    Thank you to E-gurukul and all team members.

    Sasikala Singapore

    • Sumathi says:

      Chennai India

      Am so glad to see the results. Am grateful to Ken Sir and e-gurukul team, Tirthaji for this learning opportunity. Congoz to all of us.


      P.S. My net was down all these days

  27. Mia Liley says:

    Really proud of everyone who committed and worked hard on this journey…. The E-GURUKUL Team rocks! Ken, we are so Appreciative of your time and dedication to this wonderful and exciting “movement”. I say thank you for reminding us to participate in the forums. It really made a difference in the flow and pace of the class. I know I really benefited from the forums….


  28. Syed Kamarulzaman says:

    Thank God!!
    I am honoured and so pleased that I made the grade to be a Vedic Maths teacher!
    The course was indeed challenging… you have to be so disciplined to go through it as there is no physical space to learn like the traditional classroom…

    My deep appreciation, gratitude and thanks to all that made this course possible esp Guru Ken Williams, the Gurukul Team and also my fellow students on this journey of learning.
    I shall endeavor to teach this material so that maths would be not as fearsome as assumed by most people that don’t know Vedic maths.

  29. What can I say? It was like jumping into the air when I read the good news. Now I am thinking of how to take it further and make Vedic Mathematics known to the people. One of the things I am facing is that it has to be translated into Dutch. This is a real challenge, but also an opportunity that can make a difference in the lives of many people. On the other hand I like to go further and find out more of the beauty and the applications of Vedic Mathematics.

    I also like to thank all the people who made this course, with all it’s new experiences, available to us. What a blessing it has been and will be! That this course may have a follow up and many others can have the same opportunity as we have got. Let us multiply ourselves.

    Much Grace to you all!

  30. Sreenivasa Ainapurapu (SuSri) says:

    Please find below message received from Susri(USA), He was part of First VMTTC batch.

    Dear VM Teachers,

    Congratulations on your achievement! I felt very happy to hear that 30 more teachers joined our team. This is just a beginning, lot more mile stones (or kilometer stones, whichever is appropriate) to reach. All the best to each and everyone. I didn’t get an opportunity to hear Mr. Ken Williams, but I’m sure you all might have great time learning from him. I can understand how Rick might have contributed his part as I worked with him before. Now on travel in ‘FUN’ dimension of Mathematics.

    With best wishes
    St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

  31. Karthik Balasundaram says:

    I take this oppurtunity to thank Ken, Rick and each and every individual who has been instrumental in this training program.I am really happy and humbled.

    Thanks again

  32. DipaliG says:

    I am so glad to see the results. My sincere gratitude to Williams sir, E-gurukul team, Tirthaji for this learning opportunity.

    It was indeed a start of great experience. Really looking forward to take it furthur …
    Congratulations to all!!!!!

    DipaliG, USA

  33. Adam vanLangenberg says:

    Thank you, it was a fascinating experience.

  34. Ankur Patel says:

    Dear VM Teachers,
    i would like to enroll in vedic mathematics programme. please provide me all information for new batch.

    Thank you


  35. anvesh says:

    waiting for the next commencement batch…desperate to learn…:)

  36. Sasikala Singapore says:

    Eagerly waiting for the final event

  37. Deesha says:

    Great. Congrats! When is the next batch? 🙂


  38. salih says:


    I recently started searching about Vedic Math and I am very interested in learning this techniques. Would you please let me know how I can enroll your online training programs to be a certified Vedic Math expert? thanks in advance.

  39. kathryn punnett says:

    I am presently registered in the four week introductory course for VM but after having read this forum am so anxious to be involved in a teacher maths training program. Is it possible for me to get information that is reguired to apply for such training. It is my sincere goal to be part of this global community of dedicated teachers who will spread these truths as far and wide as is possible into the hearts of the children of the world to free them from the oppression of math failure. Thank you so very much!


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