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Friday, September 29, 2023


Welcome to Media Page.Here you can find links to Press Releases, Articles, reports on activities of E-gurukul.net.

 E-gurukul.net’s Global Education Programmes in Ancient Sciences

  1.  Ancient Scientific Knowledge Meets Modern Technology
Project Name – Samskruta Kranti
  1. Samskruta Kranti – Free Live Audio Visual Interactive Basic Spoken Sanskrit course
Project Name – Mudra Vigyan Kranti
  1. Mudra Vigyan Kranti – Online Workshop on Simple Tips to Improve IQ & Energy Levels.
  2. Interactive online workshop on Mudras.
Project Name – Vedic Ganita Kranti – Vedic Mathematics.
  1. Various Articles on E-gurukul,net in New Zealand Media
  2. On Vedic Ganita Kranti – Vedic Mathematics
  3. Online Vedic Mathematics Sessions connects learners From Various Countries.
  4. E-Gurukul.Net Creates Vedic Maths Trainers across the globe through the Internet
  5. Vedic-mathematics-teachers-training-is-making-comeback.



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