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VMTTC3 – Admission open for March 2012 Batch

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After the phenomenal success of Batch 1 & 2 , E-gurukul.net is pleased to announce the Batch 3  Certified Teachers Training Programme in Vedic Mathematics.

Trainer – World Famous Vedic Mathematician Mr Kenneth Williams from Vedicmaths.org – UK.

Note – State of art Online Teachers Training in Vedic Maths Training is valued at $500 (USD). State of art self paced online audio visual comprehensive course comprises 36 Video Lessons, Online daily Forum Discussion with combination of Live Question and Answer Session and much more is offered to selected applicants with no fees.Students can offer Donation within their individual capacity at the end of training.

Duration – 12 Weeks

Course Start Date – March 03 -10.30 PM IST

Note – State of art Online Teachers Training in Vedic Maths Training is valued at $500 (USD). State of art self paced online audio visual comprehensive course comprises 36 Video Lessons, Online daily Forum Discussion with combination of Live Question and Answer Session and much more is offered with no fees.

Programme Fee – No Fees Programme (Following Ancient Gurukul system of Offering `Dakshina’ (donation)at the end of course completion – To appreciate the time and energy that goes into conducting these kind of programmes individuals have an option to offer Dakshina(Donation) within their individual capacity at the end of course.


To train the Interested Learners from different countries in techniques of Vedic Mathematics and to light the Knowledge Lamps of Vedic Mathematics across the globe.


· Creating Trainers from different countries in Vedic Mathematics Utilizing State of Art Internet Technology.

· To establish Vedic Mathematics trainers across the globe and create awareness about this amazing lost science among children and youth.

· To create Volunteers to teach this simple yet powerful techniques to children and Youth as a complementary techniques.

· To create awareness about power of VM not only as a tool for calculations but also as a powerful neurobics (Mental exercise) which boosts mental fitness, develops memory and helps to improve over all efficiency of an individual.

· Training is offered for Selected Members with no fees to uphold the Ancient Gurukul system where there was no concept of upfront fees, Students used to Give Dakshina ( donation) to teacher after completing the training.

Mode – 100% Online (Can login from any part of Globe – Right from comfort of Home)

What is the selection procedure?

Pre Requisite is

Applicants must have some kind of teaching experience(Any Field)

– Applicants need to have some idea & Strong belief on Power of Vedic Mathematics.

– Have Passion to learn and share the priceless knowledge with as many people as possible especially to School children and Youth.

– Have Passion & Respect for Rich Ancient Scientific Knowledge gifted by Ancient Sages & Seers and have a feeling of Alignment towards E-Gurukul.net’s Mission & Vision and willingness to be listed as Certified Vedia Maths Trainers list in E-Gurukul.net

– Committment towards completing training successfully & willingness to Spend time outside training hours to submit assessments.

– Programme is offered with no upfront fee, so one needs to value the great opportunity and appreciate deeply the time and energy spent by the team.

– Have strong committment and dedication towards the programme.

– Broadband Internet Connection for Video Streaming.

3.   Is there any restriction in terms of age and no of seats?

Min age is 18 years and no max age limit. Spaces are limited once we receive expected no of applications admission will be closed.We are aiming to create Trainers in different countries spread across the globe.

4. What is the structure of the programme?

  • Programme  Will be 100% Online and Self Paced, Students can study at their own pace.
  • No of Lessons – 36 Audio Visual Lessons spread across 12 weeks.3 lessons per week/Weekly Assignments needs to be completed.
  • Students can interact with trainer and fellow students in secured online discussion forum, questions and queries can be posted in forum, Live chat interaction and many more comprehensive features of Virtual campus can be used for the course.
  • Once in a month – Live audio visual Discussion Session – Students will have an opportunity to interact live with the trainer.
  • Upon attending 12 Week  programme there will be a written and practical test.
  • Upon successful completion, E-Gurukul.net will award Certification.
If you meet the criteria , please click here to complete application.


10 Responses to “VMTTC3 – Admission open for March 2012 Batch”
  1. Sangeeta Ahuja says:

    I am an Occupational therapist for over 18 years. I practice in a rehab center on Long Islnad, NY. I have been teaching Hindi since 2007 to students ages 9-12. I created the Hindi curriculum and materials for Gayatri Gyan Kendra based on the recommendations from Hindi Association, USA. I am the editor of our Newsletter “Gyan Kendra Samachar”.
    I attended a vedic math lecture given by Mr. Lalit shah and was impressed by the simplicity and user freindly math techinique. It’s amazing to know that these concepts and techniques have been available for millions of years yet so far from the public reach. I hope to get into the program to be able to teach these ancient techniques to my 2 kids and to the American public for more awareness and utilization of these vedic techniques.

  2. Krishnan V Nair says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am basically an Engineer having a passion for teaching. I do impart training / tution in mathematics to students who have a phobia of maths , though I am not formally a teacher. In the scheme of things I envisage, I intent to train children from economically weaker sections, especially in maths. Apparently this is not my profession , nor is with a view to make any material benefit. I would be able to popularize vedic maths among the under privileged group, should I get an opportunity to be a teacher. Please let me know how I could be a teacher of Vedic Maths. I am willing to pay the professional charges applicable in training . I look forward to receive your favourable response.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Krishnan V Nair
    Mobile No 91- 97681 21962

    • E-gurukul says:

      Please check above post and complete online application(Located at the end), If you meet the criteria, you can go ahead and complete the application.

  3. Sumathi says:

    I have heard about this magic.Please provide me some certainity of how I am to trust this site before I invest.Thank you.I am willing to learn and spread this at my country.

    • E-gurukul says:

      Have you read the complete information on 12 Weeks training programme?
      Course is offered with no Fees and at the end of training if you think you have learned and benefited from the programme, You have an option to offer Dakshina( donation) within your individual capacity.

      If you think you meet the criteria, you can go ahead and complete the application.We have strict selection process for this state of art 12 weeks audio visual course.

      You can read the report on Previous batch report here

  4. P.Usha Rajendra Rao says:

    I am 54 yrs, & very much interested in Vedic maths program.

    I am a B.Sc. Maths graduated in 1978. I live in chennai

    I am also a Reiki Teacher/healer since 1997.

    I am very much interested to learn & teach Vedic maths.

    Awaiting your reply,
    Thanking you,
    P.Usha Rajendra Rao

  5. Neda says:


    do you have a Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training course starting in March 2013? If so please let me know.

    Thank you.

  6. vijaya kishor says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am very much interested in vedic maths which knowledge is given by our ancient gurus to us and have a few knowledge about vedic maths from your books. I am working as a school teacher for 14 years and giving financial support to poor children.
    If you give me an golden opportunity i promise you to give this knowledge and your ideas to many pupils.

  7. kristina says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I’m very interested in learning Vedic Mathematics. Please let me know if you have anything this year.
    Thank you.

  8. Kavitha says:


    When I click on the link to complete application, I don’t see any application form and instead it is taking me to the home page. Are you still considering new applications?


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