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Friday, June 21, 2024

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Hearty Welcome to Youth Gurukul

This Section is dedicated exclusively for Youth.This section will have all resources, information, Mentorship programmes by experts in the field.


When you are inspired by some great purpose; some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.



Dominant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.


– Patanjali

Youth Gurukul is an attempt to present Information to help and guide Youth to lead a dynamic life.

Watch this space for more information

Read Beautiful Article on Education by Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji

Source : http://www.rsvk.org/guruji-introduction.html

Vidya and Avidya Ancient sages describe two distinct kinds of educational training. One is Avidya and the second is Vidya. What we generally learn today is Avidya. Avidya is objective education. It deals with the objective world. Vidya is education to enhance the subject.  It increases student’s capacity to learn and to discriminate.

Scope of Avidya What is usually taught as Vidya nowadays is all Avidya. It is mostly concerned with objective sciences of the world outside. E.g. Physics, Chemistry, biology, Sociology, Psychology, Engineering, Medicine etc… it gives a logical presentation of theories supported by experimental observation. Avidya gives us mastery over outside. It provides us greater ability for survival. It allows higher productivity – the activity to accomplish more with less effort. Mastery in Avidya can be easily tested using objective tests. It can be written down in text books and copying is possible. Transmission of data is mainly intellectual and through memory. What is tested in most examination is memory and to some extent logical capacity.

What is Vidya? The quest of sages was to improve the quality of the subject – the container of knowledge. We see that each student is different from the other. Some are more intelligent, some are more committed, some are good in music, others in painting. Yet others are good in mathematics, sciences, some are good in interpersonal relationships and leadership, some are friendly and outgoing, some are joyful, some are physically well built and healthy etc. Is there a way by which we can build a student that has all of the above qualities? That would build a better culture among students. Higher their learning – higher would be their culture and capacity. They would be greater men with greater universality in perception and ability of application. They would stand out as good leaders in society. The entire specialty of India was the capacity to build such giants in knowledge and culture. Our great Saints, Rishis and Mahatmas are the result of such universal education. They went deep into themselves and discovered the laws of nature such as Vedas.

Training in Vidya The child at the age of 8 to 12 was sent to the Gurukula for studies with a teacher. The first step in such education was a instruction called Brahmopadesam. Here the child was given instruction on how to reverse the direction of the mind and enter Samadhi. The child learnt how to calm the mind and clear its content. The mind is like a black board. You can write once upon it and what is written is clear. If you write again over what is written you have confusion. Before you write more on the conscious mind – you must erase the black board. This is what Samadhi practice does. It goes on putting old information into the subconscious and keeps the conscious mind clear for newer information.

It’s Importance Let us say, we do not teach our children how to enter Samadhi. Then they will get more and more confused as they rise to higher and higher classes. The load of confusion increases to such a degree that the student would want to drop out of school. Now-a-days even before the child is 10, so much is demanded of it that most students drop out of the 4th class – even though they may be sitting upto 7th class. 80% students drop out at 7th. A very large percentage i.e. upto 90% drop out by 10th or 11th. Rarely students complete their degree in the University. At the end of their formal education we find students fed uo with education – they want relief from such a load. I say “Universities are producing students who are retiring from education”. We should actually produce greater enthusiasm to learn as the person receives higher education. Those who have not gone to a formal school seem to be more keen to learn than the so called educated. Wisdom can be increased only through deeper levels of Samadhi. The paradox of today’s education is that….

  1. Cardiologists are most prone to Heart attack.
  2. Psychiatrists are most prone to be mental patients. Greater percentage of Ph.Ds commit suicide

About the falsely educated this way – in the village if a person learns to read and write he stops working in the field. If they learn a little more they leave the village and go to town. If they learn little more they leave the town to the city. If they study further they leave the country itself. Today’s education is producing people who want to serve less, those who care less for those who have paid for their education. They become concerned about their own well-being and refuse to serve their brethren.

Results of Trainings in Vidya As students do meditation, they grow in happiness within. They become simple. They become more and more intelligent and sharp. They become more and more open to education. They become generous and fearless. They become more loving and trusting. Higher training will open up new vistas as in learning processes. What was once learnt logically will be intuited. Knowledge becomes apparent not only through sense perception but also through subtle thought processes as telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinetics etc. Many of our saints have demonstrated such powers. How about the ability to absorb knowledge and wisdom from another by a mere samyama – mental focus on another’s thoughts? Silence through Samadhi in the highest power. A chemical detonation is more powerful than mechanical hammering. A nuclear detonation is thousands of times more powerful than a chemical detonation. Similarly working with matter is not as powerful as prana, working with sound and mantras is even more powerful. Working with visualisation is much more powerful than mantras. Working with silence is even more powerful. These stages correspond to the elements (Panch Bhutas) Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. As we grow in silence through deeper levels of Samadhi our capacity goes on increasing. Instead of learning Shakespearean plays, how would it be if you have the capacity to transform yourself to be Shakespeare? Then such plays with flow out of you. That is how Ramayana came out of Valmiki. A totally uneducated dacoit became a scholar.

Proposed Education is Schools and Colleges To start with let us initiate our children in schools. Let them learn to enter Samsdhi, 3 times in a day. This should become a part of the curriculam. This has already begun in many schools. Once in 3 months, let us take children above 13 years to a 7 – days retreat. They can go into deep silence in a forest like environment. This will enhance their respect for nature. For university students we should have more and more silence available. The higher their study – deeper and longer must be their silence. The king Vishwamitra became a Brahmarishi. He was capable of producing a whole new universe according to his wish. That is the education we should follow. Already we have programmes ready at RSVK for this kind of education. We are training leaders for developing our villages as a University programme. We invite all Universities to start being Vidya Kendras. We are ready to teach both faculty and students. Once we recognize and experience the effects of this knowledge. India will again rise to be not only spiritual leader but also the leader of all technologies. It is all within. Here is the knowledge on how to enter that within.

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