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Online Vedic Maths Teachers Training programme – VMTTC2

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As a part of Global Educational Programmes in Ancient Sciences Vedic Ganita Kranti, E-gurukul.net in association with Vedic Maths Academy – UK is pleased to announce the Launch of Certified Teachers Training Programme in Vedic Mathematics.

 Trainer –  World Famous Vedic Mathematician Mr Kenneth Williams from UK.


To train the Interested Learners from different countries in techniques of  Vedic Mathematics and to light the Knowledge Lamps of Vedic Mathematics across the globe.


·          Creating Trainers from different countries in Vedic Mathematics Utilizing State of Art Internet Technology.

·           To establish Vedic Mathematics trainers across the globe and create awareness about this amazing lost science among children and youth.

·           To create Volunteers to teach this simple yet powerful techniques to children and Youth as a complementary techniques.

·           To create awareness about power of VM not only as a tool for calculations but also as a powerful neurobics (Mental excercise) which boosts mental fitness, develops memory and helps to improver over all efficiency of an individual.

·          Training is offered for Selected Members for Free to uphold the Ancient Gurukul system where there was no concept of Upfront fees, Students used to Give Dakshina ( donation) to teacher after completing the training.

Mode –    100% Online (Can login from any part of Globe – Right from comfort of Home)

Duration – 12 Weeks

Course Start Date   –  October 2 -2011

Programme Fee – 100% Free – No upfront Fee (Following  Ancient Gurukul system of Offering Dakshina at the end of course completion – To appreciate the time and energy that goes into conducting these kind of programmes individuals have an option to offer Dakshina(Donation) – Students Choice.


9 Responses to “Online Vedic Maths Teachers Training programme – VMTTC2”
  1. Ankur Patel says:

    Dear VM Teachers,
    i would like to enroll in vedic mathematics programme. please provide me all information for new batch.

    Thank you

    Regina, Canada

  2. SALIH says:


    I would like to enroll this wonderful program. Would you please provide me all information to start this program?

    Thanks in advance,

    Salih Texas, USA

  3. Seema Bharti says:

    I would like to enrol in the next/new batch of vedic mathematics course. Please inform me when you plan to start a new batch.

    Thanks and regards
    Seema Bharti

  4. Alamelu says:

    Dear Teachers,
    I would like to join the vedic mathematics teachers training course,if u could provide me the informations on the start date and on how to register for the the same,it will be of great help to me.

    Thank you


  5. gudala vijaya kishor says:

    Dear Vedic Maths Scholors,

    My name is vijaya kishor working as a maths teacher. I am intresting vedic maths. Sir, please send me all information about new VMTTC batch.

    Thanking You

    Vijaya Kishor
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

  6. Niky says:


    Could you please provide the details for the next training session. Would love to teach.

    Also…Do u provide career guidance and job placements once I complete the course ?

    Waiting for your reply

    Thank you

  7. Anuradha Gaggar says:


    I would like to enroll for the Vedic Math training session. Please send me information about the next batch.


  8. shweta mukherjee says:


    I would like to enroll for teacher’s training programme. Pls let me know the next batch details as well how to get enrolled?


  9. Geetha says:


    I would like to enroll for teacher’s training program. Please let me know the next batch details and also how to get enrolled?


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