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Vedic Maths Session Recordings

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Speed Maths Techniques (Based on Vedic Maths) Session Recordings

Dear Members

Thank you for those of you who had attended the Live Audio Visual Web Sessions on Speed Maths Techniques (Based on Vedic Mathematics.Inspite of few technical Glitches on Day 1 & 3, heartfelt thanks for  making Speed Maths Techniques online web Course thumping Success.We had received very encouraging feedback from participants from different countries, combining all Four sessions we had approx 250 participants ranging from Age group – 8 years to 70 years who had taken advantage of these informative and valuable sessions right from comfort of their homes.

E-gurukul.net was instrumental in organizing 27 Live audio visual web Sessions on Various Topics like Art & Science of Surya Namaskar, Mudra Science, Series of session on Management Principles based on Arthasastra, Bhagavad Gita – Spring of Life, Multi Speaker event on Modern Problems & Ancient Solutions, Agnihotra for Total Wellbeing, Speed Maths techniques based on Vedic Maths and many more topics and was instrumental in connecting learners and speakers across the globe right from comfort of one’s home.

Stay tuned to e-gurukul.net for more exciting updates on e-courses, Live Web Events & Sessions and encourage your network of friends & Family to register for free.

Click here to View Feedback & Comments from Participants

Session Recordings


September – 2010

Session 1 & 2 – Click here to view now – Total Duration – 120 minutes

Session 3    –     Click here to view now -Total Duration – 160 Minutes

( Due to Participants zeal & Thurst for more knowledge, Last session was extended for extra 40 mts)

Note : One session was cancelled due to some unexpected technical problem from Trainer end.

July & August – 2010

Session 1 – Click here to View

Session 2  – Click here to View


Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

Amazing techniques to learn from the Vedas! I greatly appreciate Mr. Sai Kiran for devoting his time for self less teaching in the time when people do profit-based services. Moreover, I bow to the Sankaracharya of Puri to have unearthed the gems from the Vedas and have passed them on to the right shoulders, like Mr. Sai Kiran, to continue the spread of the knowledge. Well done E-Gurukul team for organizing the event online. Hail E-Gurukul! Vidhya, Canada

Knowledge Gained: 4 of  |  Recommends You

It is really interesting to know the amazing techniques expounded. Eager to know more and to spread to youngsters. Why was this not known to public so far is surprising.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

The best education in 2 hours ever. Could improve on voice feedback and the whiteboard

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

Amazing session! Appreciate Mr. Sai Kiran’s commitment to the cause and patience to handle multiple people simultanenously. E-gurukul, thank you for coming up with a nice concept of live online session and making it available for free. It’s nice to learn from a teacher without having to get out of bed ! If possible, please think about some pen/stylys like device for Mr. Sai Kiran so that it would be easy for him to write on the board. Thanks again for your efforts to spread the Vedic knowledge. Best Regards, Ramakrishna

Knowledge Gained: 4 of  |  Recommends You

Thank you Sai Kiran and all team members. It is a great fascinating step. I enjoyed your sessions. Here are my few suggestions. • There are two main parts in your presentation: a. material b. explanation • I suggest you to prepare a power point file of your material (i.e. what you typed in whiteboard) and explain step by step using audio! Live Whiteboard can be used only to answer participants’ queries. • Today there were less disturbances. We were told that there were no problems in previous occasions. But, still by using power point you can spare more time in explanation which is what you want. This way material can be provided few days ahead and participants can go through it beforehand. Thank you again – Krishna (Christchurch, NZ)

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

It was wonderful learning maths in a different way. I really enjoyed it.

  Recommends You

What to say when it comes to Vedic Maths ? It was very nice to interact with Sai and I congratulate both Sai Kiran and E Gurukulfo rthis. Except technical problems which can be corrected, the session was very live and interesting.. Hats off to E Gurukul for this innovative idea.

  Recommends You

I am short of words to express my thanks to E-Gurukul in bringing this knowledge to a common man and that too without any charge @ leisure of home. Amazing initiative. Though there were some technological glitches in the session but all in all it was great session. I applaud you for your initiative. Keep it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowledge Gained: 4 of  |  Recommends You

Class was great. Active and lively. Would be happy if it is slow, especially during last 15 minutes. Its a good service. Would like to know the Ganita sutras as I am a sanskrit research scholar. If it might affect the flow of the class, sutras can be sent tthrough mail.

Remove from Profile | Remove from Class Page

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

I was a great class. Thank you for helping others in quest for knowledge.

  Recommends You

i just attended last 10 mins of class, so i cant yet comment or give any suggestions

Knowledge Gained: 2 of  |  Recommends You

it was good but the last 10 minutes were not very clear…

Knowledge Gained: 4 of  |  Recommends You

It’s wonderful class. I feel that these are the short cut techniques but not really original concepts?

Knowledge Gained: 4 of  |  Recommends You

this was really very interesting and fun but the only problem is the voice and the whiteboard dont syncronise. it was still osum!!! cnt wait 4 nxt time!

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

This is a wonderful platform and an excellent way to learn math in a funfilled way. Thanks to E-Gurukul campus and a million thanks to Mr.Sai Kiran for teaching us with a great patience.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

Ganesh G 
Knowledge Gained: 5 of  |  Recommends You

Hi, Today we had a wonderful session !! Thank you Gurukul and Sai Sir for that !! Regards, Ganesh G.


Recommends You

It was a great experience. great job done by Mr. Sai Kiran and Gurukul. Thanks a lot for teaching us this wonderfull art of math which I wanted to learn from my childhood but never got any opportunity .Usha ma’am, you have also done a great job.You were very polite and clear. Its not that people of India are not aware of this art. the reason is they don’t have opportunity, Our politician are following british education (Maculey Education ) which actually meant to destroy Indian education and see the result now very rare youth know about India and our education. All believe We didn’t have anything only British came and gave everything education too, the reality is exactly opposite.Its time now to reform our education destroy every sign of British rule, and made compulsory this kind of ancient Vedic Math and many things in education, teach right history and facts to Indian Youth, No one knows What exactly we were, and what exactly had happened. Thy have change

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

This is really a wonderful program and the knowledge we gained from these sessions is huge. Thanks to E-Gurukul team ,Mr.Sai Kiran and Ms.Usha for providing such excellent sessions.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Respected Usha ji, Could you please organise to get the DVDs tutorials in Auckland. Regards, Sri

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Billion Zillion thanks for organizing such wonderful sessions. It was one of the most priceless learning sessions I have attended. In such a short time, Mr. Sai Kiran covered so many important topics and made is so simple to understand. It was just great ! We hope to see him again in near future with sessions on Advanced Vedic Math covering Algebra and Geometry. Thanks an area rarely covered even on the web.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Very good.If we teach to youngsters it is knowledgeble.I recommend if schools follow this method very useful.Otherwise it is confusing young minds .

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Great sessions! Amazing techniques that were rusting are in dutiful hands of Mr. Sai Kiran who is dedicating his time to sharpen and share the wealth of knowledge. Kudos to e_gurukul team for arranging the sessions. Thank you.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful lecture. There is a need to spread the information about such a wonderful program you are creating. I had expected more than 1000 participants, however compared to hard work you are doing, the number of participants were very low. It would be useful to request every participants to pass on information about your website to atleast 5 of their friends.

Knowledge Gained: 3 of 5  |  Recommends You

This knowledge needs to be spread to all,espeacially to youngesters.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thank you e-gurukul & Mr. Sai Kiran.


Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

This is a great class which is useful to every one who want to solve the problems in an easyway. convey my thanks to guruji

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Amazing session. Thank you very much to Mr. Sai Kiran & e-gurukul team

Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5  |  Recommends You

Thank you very much Mr. Sai & e-Gurukul for your effort to educate us. Except for tech. issues, we were able to follow & understand the topics covered clearly.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Hi, It is for the first time I am to attend E-Gurkul session. However I have prior experience of attending WebEx sessions. I enjoy the profession of teaching and I teach my students too of Vedic maths, which I learned by books. I got to know things in different manner listening from an eminent personality in the field today. I express my heart-felt thanks to Mr. Sai Kiran sir and as well Gurukul team for providing us such a wonderful session. Regards, Ganesh G, Hyderabd, India.

  Recommends You

This is really wonderful.Thanks to Sri Saikiran and the E-Gurukul Team.I have already passed on this information to a local college in chennai.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

Highly appreciate the patience and efforts of Mr.Sai Kiran and e- gurukul team. The session was just awesome.

Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5  |  Recommends You

i learned a lot of fast techniques

Knowledge Gained: 2 of 5  |  Recommends You

Knowledge Gained: 3 of 5  |  Recommends You

improve on the writing…but otherwise it was all good

  Recommends You

very nice explanation .waiting for tomorrow session

  Recommends You

It’s really cool … doing math with bigger numbers is really faster than traditional methods. thanks to team & Mr. Sai Kiran




An Update will follow on 28 September – 2010 on Session Recordings

Click here to Download Vedic Maths Schedule & Guidelines 

Feedback and Comments from Participants for 31 July & 01 August 2010 Live Web Sessions

Thank you one and all for making Live Web Sessions Thumping Success.

E-Gurukul.net Online Vedic Mathematics Sessions connects learners From Various Countries.

Please Click below Links for more information

Vedic Maths Session Report  

Upcoming Vedic Maths Sessions  

Article on Power of Vedic Maths 

Mr Sai Kiran Contact Information 

Quick Intro and Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

E-Gurukul Flyer

Vedic Mathematics Live Web Sessions was a great thumping success.The Audio visual Web based Live sessions were organized by E-Gurukulnet on 31 July & 01 August 2010.The Sessions had commenced at 12.30 pm NZST with a short prayer acknowledging all teachers, followed by introduction to Speaker Mr Sai Kiran.

The Sessions were sucessfully conducted by Well known Speaker & Trainer Mr Sai Kiran for 3.5 hours spread over saturday and Sunday.The online Audio visual sessions were attended by more than 120 learners from Different Cities of New Zealand and other countries like Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Various cities of India etc.

Vedic Mathematics Live web Sessions is also notable for being an important milestone in the endeavour of online portal e-gurukul.net.The Participants included teachers, Students, Doctors, Vedic Math teachers etc.

“E-Gurukul.net had organized over 22 Live Virtual Sessions on Various Topics.We are totally thankful to technological wonder called Internet which has made entire world a global village. Anyone from any part of the world can learn and gain insights from the comfort of their homes”.Our Speaker had logged into the sessions from a city called Hyderbad, India and we were moderating the sessions from Auckland, New Zealand and there were participants from various countries.We all got connected at the same time to learn the ancient treasures of Vedic Mathematics concepts” – Said one of the organizer.

Mr Sai Kiran who is well known Speaker and Trainer in Speedmaths techniques was totally at awe in sharing his priceless knowledge with participants from across the globe using the state of art technology.

“The entire team at e-gurukul felt quite elated in organizing eco friendly sessions where there was no travel required.All participants and speaker got connected to each other right from comfort of their homes. Only pre-requisite was an internet connection with headeset and zeal to learn this practical scientific knowledge of ancient India”.

After Inviting the speaker, Mr Sai Kiran had given short introduction to the concept of Vedic Maths and guided all participants in elaborating about some simple yet powerful teachniques of Vedic Maths.The Entire Live platform had reverberated with enthusiasm and fun as the techniques made all participants to involve themselves completely.

All participants felt that Solving maths was indeed a pleasure task not a pressure task.

One of the participant had commented that “I was so scared of numbers before this. Now I can lick maths for the first time in my life. My son enjoyed the webcast too and after the programme we both raced the clock doing additions of several numbers. And we beat the calculator each time. Thank you e-Gurukul for the great service”

“Fabulous. Maths is so interesting and simple never knew before. Have passed exams but learning started yesterday only “

“It was wonderful to connect to a class from a far away place, and to experience an introduction to a fascinating subject. Thank you!”

“It is an Excellent session. I am a Mathematics Teacher. But, after attending this session I feel like I would have learnt more than what I have learnt till today if We would have taught in Vedic method in my childhood. I am delighted with the vedic methods by Sai Kiran Garu. Thanks alot to e-gurukul.net for organizing this wonderful web session. I recommend this portal to every one without any hesitation”.

The session continued on 01 August 2010 with some simple yet powerful techniques to solve maths .Some of these techniques can be applied to solve difficult maths within the time span of 15 to 20 sec.After the session participants were given an opportunity to interact live with Mr Sai Kiran in Q & A Session.The session concluded with a note of thanks and short prayer for World peace & Harmony.

Vedic mathematics is easy to use and understand as compared to conventional teaching of mathematics in schools, and creates interest in children to solve mathematical problems in a fun and intuitive way.

With so much interest from the participants and others who missed these sessions, E-Gurukul.net have decided to run another 8-hours FREE web-based online course on Vedic mathematics sharing various techniques. Once again, this course will be run by Mr Sai Kiran from India and everyone is welcome to join from any part of the globe. These sessions will be more beneficial to mathematics teachers.

The sessions will be on:

Saturday, 18 Sept 2010 (12.30 to 2.30 pm NZST) – 6 to 8 am Indian Standard Time

Sunday, 19 Sept 2010 (12.30 to 2.30 pm NZST)

Saturday, 25 Sept 2010 (12.30 to 2.30 pm NZST)

Sunday, 26 Sept 2010 (12.30 to 2.30 pm NZST)

Please note that registration closes on 12 September 2010. If you are interested, please register at
We at e-gurukul.net would sincerely thank Dr Guna Magesan – Senior Scientist from New Zealand and media for playing a key role in promoting the noble cause of sharing the ancient scientific knowledge of Vedic maths in NZ and also all our dear Friends for helping us in spreading the news across Internet World..We also would like to convey special thanks from bottom of our heart to our honourable speaker Mr Sai kiran who had taken time to share the priceless techniques from India with participants from various countries.

Note : Click here to read an Article on Power of Vedic Maths compiled by one of the participant Mr Rakesh Krishnan Simha from Auckland, New Zealand.

Mr Sai Kiran – Trainer

Website :http://thespeedmaths.com/

Contact Information : http://thespeedmaths.com/contact.html

Quick Intro to Vedic Mathematics

  • Vedic mathematics is the Indian system of calculation using which we could calculate supposedly complex calculations of arithmetic is a very rapid manner(usually 5 to 7 times faster than conventional methods).
  • It is highly beneficial for school and college students to understand their maths concepts very easily and a boon for students appearing for competitive exams.
  • Vedic maths also acts as a powerful checking tool and goes to save precious time in the examinations.The techniques are very simple to understand and apply.Even the dullest student of mathematics starts loving mathematics once he is introduced to the concepts of vedic maths.
  • Vedic maths complements the school curriculum by simplifying the concepts, as the calculations can be performed in one single step contrary to the school methods which involve 3 to 4 steps.
  • Vedic mathematics was founded by His Holiness.Swamy Sri Bharati Krishna Teerthaji Maharaj, who was the shankaracharya of the puri math.These techniques are called vedic maths for the very simple reason that these techniques are said to contained in the ATARVANA VEDA.
  • There are basically 16 jaw dropping sutras(Techniques)or word formulae which solve all known mathematical problems in the branches of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and calculus. They are easy to apply and remember.                                      

                                   BENEFITS OF VEDIC MATHS

  • Vedic maths is much faster than the conventional maths techniques taught in the  schools. Improves academic performance of a student
  • Vedic mathematics is not just about calculations,but also acts a a powerful neurobics(mind excercise).boosts the mental fitness.
  • The system itself is so designed that any one following it develops mental performance.Boosts the logic,reasoning and analytical thinking in a person,which are very useful for a genius mind.
  • Develops confidence in a person as the mind power increases.
  • Develops mental accuracy
  • Last the not the least Boosts your Memory.



10 Responses to “Vedic Maths Session Recordings”
  1. Keefe says:

    This mornings session was good but it is better to write on the on-line whiteboard in Virtual platform instead of conventional whiteboard as it can’t be seen well. Audio was alright for me.

    Could I request that Guru Sai Kiran touch on cubes,volume,angles, ratio, percentage,fractions quickly for tomorrows session, just some quick views on these would help me a lot for checking answers for my coming exams.

    Thank you Gurukul Team.

  2. Richard Blum says:

    I have been teaching Vedic Math in the United States for about 10 years. My main goal while watching your webinar was not so much to learn the material that I already know, but, to view the way you were presenting it. In all honesty, I thought that the material you presented was excellent, but, the format used could stand improvement. If there would be any way to expand that window to fill up the computer screen, your presentation would be much more understandable. Again, I congratulate you on your knowledge and on the material. It is abundently clear that you are providing a great service to individuals wanting to learn VM. Just change the presentation venue and I think everyone will be able to understand your presentation to a much greater degree.

  3. admin says:

    Dear Richard

    Thank you for your Nice Comments and glad to know that you are a vedic maths teacher.Our platform is honoured to have you as a participant.If time permits please join tomorrows session too as the speaker will be using virtual board.We would love to hear more comments/Feedback from you on tomorrows session.

    Thanks once again for your time.:)

  4. Pravin says:

    I missed the second half of the presentation due to internet drop out. Could be please tell me how I can access the recording before tomorrow’s session if at all possible.

  5. subbiah says:

    very nice, thank you

  6. Jayshree says:

    Due to urgent work commitments I missed the presentation. Is there a way to access the sessions offline?

  7. Richard Blum says:

    I congratulate you on providing this opportunity to expose a worldwide audience to Vedic Math. It is indeed difficult to even begin to cover the incredible number of techniques encompassed in VM in a couple of sessions. I find that when I do a workshop, I always feel like taking a “scattergun” approach to explaining many of the concepts. I want to tell them a little of this,then a little about another technique,then a little about a 3rd, etc. I sometimes find it a challange to stay focused on one particular topic and try to give a somewhat complete explanation on just one of the sutras. The first time people are exposed to VM, they get so excited that they want it all in one sitting. Obviously, this is not going to happen. Therefore, I try to find the balance between disappointing them for not showing them everything in one sitting and adequately covering a limited numer of VM topics. I would like to have a dialogue with you regarding what teaching techniques have worked well for you and those that have not. If you have the time and are so inclined, please contact me through my e-mail address.



  8. Rekha says:

    Thank you very much for great learning session it was educative at the same time very enjoyable activity. Hope you conduct more of this live sessions.
    I missed 31 July 2010 session is it possible to reply the session. Thank you once again for great effort.

  9. admin says:

    Comments from Participants

    Mahathi – Australia

    we should really appreciate you and congratulate for the afforts you are putting towards this. and we feel it as a privilege having these sessions. Today’s vedic Maths is awesome. and Mahathi is enjoying it a lot. we wish to have more of these online sessions in future. hope every one is doing good

    Keefe – Singapore

    This mornings session was good but it is better to write on the on-line whiteboard in Virtual platform instead of conventional whiteboard as it can’t be seen well. Audio was alright for me.

    Could I request that Guru Sai Kiran touch on cubes,volume,angles, ratio, percentage,fractions quickly for tomorrows session, just some quick views on these would help me a lot for checking answers for my coming exams.

    Thank you E-Gurukul Team

    Sucheta Maheshwari – USA

    E-Gurukul.net has taken this brilliant initiative based on the Hindu concepts of ‘knowledge as a basic and fundamental right of every human being.’Thank you E-Gurukul.net from the bottom of my heart for this.

    Thanks to Shri Sai Kiran for the informative session on Vedic Mathematics.Hope to see more on this topic as the message spreads.

    Rakesh Krishnan – NZ
    2 days 6 hours 2 minutes ago

    I was so scared of numbers before this. Now I can lick maths for the first time in my life. My son enjoyed the webcast too and after the programme we both raced the clock doing additions of several numbers. And we beat the calculator each time. Thank you e-Gurukul for the great service.

    radmila radisa
    2 days 6 hours 43 minutes ago

    Thanks, New Zaeland

    Recommends You

    It is very amazing class plz conduct the class in future also

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You


    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    Please use the whiteboard on online for better visioonof concepts, cannot see so well on shiny whiteboard of lecturer. Hope to cover cubes, volume and angles tomorrow. Thank you

    Knowledge Gained: 3 of 5 | Recommends You

    Wonderful session. Really enjoyed it. Very useful. More light on Guru’s face and the withe board. Better pen to be used. Audio to be improved. Mahthi’s voice is loud and clear but Guru’s voice is feeble.

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    We would prefer larger video, but may take more bandwidth. Otherwise the session itself was brilliant. Technology can be leading edge and also bleeding edge.

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    Recommends You

    gr8 class, but i was unable to login, grey screen for long time so joined from other computer and finally succeeded.

    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    everything was good just need the volume a little louder, can u also advise us on the forthcoming sessions as will not be able to attend tomorrow thanks for the effort put in by you all.

    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    First time I have heard about Vedic mathematics, found the session very stimulating. Thank you.

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    wonderful n its really helpful 4 students…

    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    Recommends You

    I attended the last half an hour or so of the session.. so missed out on most of the material presented but by going over the comments I feel I would love it the next time around.

    Recommends You

    Absolutely. He is excellent in responding to the range of students interacting on the key board as well keeping the continuity on his lessons.

    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    Fabulous. Maths is so interesting and simple never knew before. Have passed exams but learning started yesterday only (31/07/2010).

    Recommends You

    conduct more class

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    Very knowledgeable and informative. Very well organised. Enjoyed every bit of the session. Feel like having it for some more time. Once again thank you very much for all the effort to spread around.

    Mahesh Dhannawat

    Great work to e-gurukul team really, being indian i was not aware of the greatness of knowledge and people we have ,especially guru like sai kiran. Thanks to e-gurukul team.

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    It was wonderful to connect to a class from a far away place, and to experience an introduction to a fascinating subject. Thank you!

    Knowledge Gained: 4 of 5 | Recommends You

    Had a great time. Learnt a lot. Appetite to learn more has increased

    Recommends You

    It was good – we feel proud of our vedic heritage and knowledge

    Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

    amazing session,definitely will put them into practice n use them.Thanks!

    Recommends You

    Excellent Session. Thanks to E-Gurukul Team

    SITARAM SALVAJI – NZ -“It is an Excellent session. I am a Mathematics Teacher. But, after attending this session I feel like I would have learnt more than what I have learnt till today if We would have taught in Vedic method in my childhood. I am delighted with the vedic methods by Sai Kiran Garu. Thanks alot to e-gurukul.net for organizing this wonderful web session. I recommend this portal to every one without any hesitation.

  10. johnclark says:

    This is really nice information provided..
    i wanted to take IAS general studies course online in which i could also get ias video related to the course please guide me if anybody has studied Csat online .
    i have heard of http://www.wiziq.com/course/119-ias-general-studies-prelimnary-course but to do not know much about it so before enrolling in this course i wanted to know more about ias online coaching centers so anybody aware of one can guide me..

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