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Online Vedic Maths Graduation Event

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An Open Invitation to one and all to Vedic Maths Online Graduation Event

Online Graduation Event-Vedic Maths Trainers across the globe.It gives us immense pleasure to share with you all  about our upcoming Vedic Maths Graduation event.Hearty Congratulations to all 16 participants from 13 cities across 4 countries, Canada, New Zealand, India and the United States for successfully participating in  the 60 Hrs Online Teachers Training Certification Programme in Speed Maths Techniques Based on Vedic Mathematics – Fastest Calculation Method in the World. (Based on Vedic Mathematics – Fastest Calculation system in the world – Click here to Read More)

27 March -2011 Sunday 6 am to 8 am IST

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Please follow below Instructions to Join Live Web Event.

You can Enter from 5.50 Am IST – Please arrive Early.

Click Here to Watch the Recording of Online Vedic Maths Graduation Event

Schedule for the Live Event – Date – March 27 -2011 6 am to 8 am IST

1. Guru Mantra & Welcoming all Participants & Hon Speakers.

2. Quick Intro on E-gurukul, Global Educational Programme, Mission & Vision of VM Teachers training Programme.

3. Announcing Names of all Certified Trainers.

4. Talk by – Sree Dr Sreenath – Director of Vedic Maths Academy- Hon Speaker from USA

5. Sree Dev Nadkarni – Columnist and Editor – New Zealand

6. Sree B. Saikiran – Vedic Maths & Memory Trainer – India

7. Experiences will be shared by Certified trainers from different countries.

8. Some quick Fun activities related to power of vedic math

9. Thank you Speech9.Prayer for World Peace & Harmony.

We look forward to see you on other side.Happy Virtual Experience.

E-Gurukul.Net Creates Vedic Maths Trainers across the globe through the Internet.

E-Gurukul.Net was established as a free Virtual Educational platform and online campus to bring the treasures of scientific knowledge & Wisdom of ancient India to the world utilizing state of Art Internet Technology. E-Gurukul.Net has organized over 25 live audio visual virtual sessions on various topics related to scientific heritage and was instrumental in connecting 10 expert speakers with participants from various countries. All these sessions were attended by individuals all over the globe right from comfort of their homes. All of these sessions were made available through the internet at no cost to the attendees.

This past July & September, E-Gurukul.net held an online live audio visual course explaining the basic concepts of Vedic Math. Vedic Math is the Indian system of calculation that enables anyone to calculate complex calculations of arithmetic in a very rapid manner (usually 5 to 7 times faster than conventional methods), it is also considered as Fastest Calculation method in the world.

The Live online course was taught by Sai Kiran right from comfort of his Home . Mr. Kiran, who lives in Hyderabad, India, is a Vedic Math & Memory Trainer who has instructed over 250,000 individuals in the past 10 years. This class had over 100 attendees from all over the world and it was well received as it allowed all participants from various countries to learn the powerful techniques of Vedic maths from expert trainer based in India.

Due to the interest of this course, as part of Global Educational Programme series , E-Gurukul had decided to promote an intensive live audio visual online teachers training certification programme open to qualified individuals. The mission of this Free online teachers training was to create skilled trainers worldwide who will be able to teach generations of students the science of Vedic Math. Even though Vedic Math is relatively unknown in most parts of the world, its ability to transform lives will have great positive benefits on everyone who studies it. The selection process consisted of applicants answering 25 questions to demonstrate their qualifications and sincerity in wanting to bring this knowledge to the world as Vedic Math trainers. Of the many persons from all over the world applying, only 16 individuals from 13 cities across 4 countries, Canada, New Zealand, India and the United States were accepted into the program. The occupations of the attendees varied from math teachers to IT professionals; from housewives to doctors and from scientists to statisticians.

“On the whole I think the sessions were a big success and to my career, it added another feather in the cap in the form of online training. This Sessions had helped me to connect and train aspiring Vedic maths trainers from different countries right from the comfort of my home” said Sai kiran, Award winning Vedic maths & Memory Techniques Trainer.

These students underwent over 60 hours of intensive online training during which they were taught the intricacies of Vedic Math. Upon completion of this course, each candidate had to undergo a certification process. This process consisted of a submission of both individual and group projects, a set of formalized project work   that exceeded 100 pages and a live audio visual oral examination given by Mr. Kiran and E-Gurukul.

”When I was accepted into this program I was a little apprehensive regarding the teaching venue, i.e., a virtual live audio visual classroom over the internet. I quickly found the level of teaching and the enthusiasm of the other participants to be at a very high level. I was thrilled to connect with the trainer based in India and other participants from across 14 cities spread among 4 countries. E-Gurukul has demonstrated the power of technology by taking internet education to a Global level. They are to be congratulated and I very much thank them for allowing me to be a part of this worldwide electronic education process.” – said  Richard Blum One of the Trainee from the United States.

We are totally thankful to technological wonder called Internet which has made entire world a global village. Anyone from any part of the world can learn and gain insights from the comfort of their homes”. Our Speaker had logged into the sessions from a city called Hyderabad, India and we were moderating the sessions from Auckland, New Zealand with participants from 13 Cities from Four different countries.

“As a Part of Global Education Programmes Series, Organizing Free Online Vedic Mathematics Teachers Training Certification Programme was an important milestone in our Endeavour. The mission of this programme was to create skilled trainers worldwide who will be able to teach generations of students the science of Vedic Math, team at e-gurukul.net is quite elated for selecting great group of enthusiastic participants .We are totally confident that our first group of trainers will fulfill the mission of e-gurukul by creating awareness about power of VM not only as a tool for calculations but also as a powerful neurobics (Mental excercise) which boosts mental fitness, develops memory and helps to improve overall efficiency of an individual” said Usha, One of the Volunteer.

This first class will have its online graduation at E-Gurukul.Net on Sunday, March 27th as 6:00 AM IST, during which time there will be several Eminent speakers from India, New Zealand and USA participating. This “online graduation Event” will be open to the public and anyone from any part of globe can join the event right from comfort of one’s home.

Session Link along with simple steps can be found in this page – Stay Tuned to this page for more updates.

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