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Monday, May 20, 2019

Global Pollution: Classification, Causes and Remedy

The definition of Pollution can be defined as any Gross or Visible and Subtle or Invisible activity or action of an Individual Person at Collective or Individual levels which may cause or create unnatural response or repulsive behaviors through the Gross Body Consisting of Five Karmendriya (Hands, Legs, Vocal Cord, Anus or Genitals) and
Five Jnanendriya (Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nostrils) and Subtle Body consisting of Mind, Intelligence, False Ego) individually or collectively is a definition of Pollution at Individual and Collective level by Human population as well as by Sub-human beings.
Examples of Global Pollution experienced at Individual or Collective levels by Five Karmendriya are as follows
Hands: Killing of human beings, animals, bird and creating garbage etc.
Legs: Kicking, amputation and going to unholy places etc.
Vocal Cords: Abusive and filthy verbal altercations.
Anus: Homosexuality and Toileting to open public places etc.
Genitals: Promiscuity, Illicit Sex and Urinating to public places etc.
Examples of Global Pollution experienced at Individual and Collective levels by Five Jnanendriya are as follow:
Ears: Exposure to Noises of Motorized vehicles, Machinery and Music
Skin: Tactile sensations from Oil, creams and garments
Eyes: Sexy glances, watching of TV, DVD and Videos and frivolous sports
Tongue: Eating and tasting abominable food of animal and birds
Nostrils: Smelling filthy odors and fumes, smokes and Sewage Systems
E. Percentages of Global Pollution created at Individual and Collective Levels:
Percentage of Global Pollution created by six to seven billions of Human-beings at Individual and Collective levels can be effectively calculated as follow:
Pollution created by Hands: Forty percent or 40% of Garbage pollution of this world.
Pollution created by Legs: Thirty percent or 30% of Garbage pollution in this world.
Pollution created by Vocal Cord: Twenty percent or 20% Noise pollution in this
Pollution created by Anus: Five percent of pollution or 5% stinky stool of sewage
systems in this world.
Pollution created by Genitals: Five percent or 5% stinky urinary, menstrual and seminal excreta created in this world.
So, total 100% pollution created by Five Karmendriya of an Individual person.
F. Qualitative & Quantitative Classification of Global Pollution created and experienced by Seven Billions of Human beings at Individual and Collective levels:
Global Pollution created and experienced by seven billions of Human beings all around the world can be categorized and Super-scientifically described per the Vedic Concept as follows
Earth: Earth has Five Qualitative physical characteristics of Sound, Touch, Form, Taste and Smell. Earth element can be Solid, Liquid or Gaseous with thousands of shapes, color, taste, smell, touch and sound.
The Quantitative measurement of Earthly elements can be a tiny piece of stone to a big Mountain. The pollution created by Earthly elements is worse as this pollution contains all qualitative physical elements such as Sound, Touch, Form, Taste and Smell such as filthy and stinky Mountains of Garbage in a city etc.
Water: Water element has Four Qualitative Physical characteristics of Sound, Touch, Form and Taste. The Smell characteristic is conspicuously absent from element Water. The Quantitative measurement of Water element can be a small drop or cup of Water to puddles, ponds and big Ocean. The pollution created by element Water is less filthy and stinky than Earth element. Smell is absent in original Water element.
Fire: Fire has Three Qualitative Characteristics of Sound, Touch and Form. The Smell and Taste Qualitative elements are conspicuously absent in Fire Element. The pollution created by Fire Element is less aggressive and easily removable or
extinguishable in comparison to the pollution created by Earthly and Watery elements. The Quantitative measurement of Fire element can be a small sparks of fire or a Giant inferno.
Air: Air element has only Two Qualitative characteristics such as Sound and Touch only. The Quantitative measurement of Air element can be a small Bubble or breezes in vast area of a planet in Ten Directions. In Air element three qualitative characteristics Smell, Taste and Form are conspicuously absent. The pollution created
by Air element can be easily removed from locations at individual and Collective levels.
Ether: Ether element has only One Qualitative characteristic of Sound and other four qualitative elements Smell, Taste, Form and Touch are conspicuously absent. The Quantitative measurement of Ethereal Element can be a Sound produced by an insect like a Cricket to a Giant Machinery of big factory or a Jumbo Jet airplane etc.
So, six to seven billion of people of this planet Bharat-varsha are creating Global Pollution in form of “Five Gross Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether” as describe in this section since the time immemorial and at present moment all over the world.

This is taken from E-Book – Global Pollution: Classification, Causes and Remedy Published by
Dr Atul Krsna dasa (Atul C. Shah, MD)
Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.

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