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Characteristic Leadership

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Atharva Veda 3/8/6

Aham grabhnami manasa manamsi Mama chittamanu chittabhireta |Mama vasheshu hradayani vah krano mi Mama yatamanuvartmana eta || -


"I draw your mind with my mind, and mould it to my accord. Follow in my wake by bringing your chitta in harmony with mine. I cast a spell upon your hearts; come along with me by doing as I do."

How to lead effectively? In all walks of life and at every level- educational institutions, games and sports, industry, commerce, politics, social service, religion or the wider canvas of other collective human pursuits the presence of inspiring, competent, wise and dynamic leadership is essential for success. If the leadership is enlightened, there is a wave of progress, development and prosperity; if it is otherwise, degeneration sets in all around. An inspiring leadership is able to magically transform the crumbling structure of any institution, society or nation, and uplift it to pinnacles of glory, whereas under a lackluster leadership even the heights attained in the past crumble into nothingness. How could that magical leadership be produced which could work wonders and get Herculean tasks accomplished? The answer is simple: through development of the attributes of competence, dynamism, commitment, farsightedness, caring concern, magnetic attraction, accommodation, etc. It should be borne in mind that it is such qualities in an individual and not the individual per se that command respect, adoration and following. From such leaders, who are the mot prized assets of society, people have high expectations of right guidance and resolution of their problems. But if, unfortunately, in the name of leadership arrogance of power is foisted, then the subordinates suffocate and suffer. An arrogant and power-drunk person can never inspire anyone. Even his hangers–on only flatter him; they never really cherish any genuine goodwill and respect for him. The ideal of perfect leadership is achieved and emerges in a person whose every facet of life radiates inspiration, who is brimming with the energy of great courage, who has the capacity and ready willingness to consecrate himself at the altar of his goal, whose character has such a fragrance that his followers swear by him, who is able to bring about full co-ordination among the members of his team , and who is ready to sacrifice his own personal interests, however big, for the collective interest of those he leads. Such a leader spontaneously evokes feelings of goodwill, respect and faith in the hearts of his followers. His one gesture has the power to galvanize dormant masses. His words cast a magic spell over millions.

Author : Pt Sriram Sarma Acharyaji.

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